Welcome to the Excellence Gateway’s Improving Teaching exhibition site

This exhibition site brings together some examples of the work produced by participants in the Foundation’s Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) programme.

OTLA aims to improve the quality of teaching learning and assessment and support increased professionalism in the further education (FE) and training sector through collaboration and research. The programme is made up of four strands:

Collaborative projects

Practitioners from a group of providers work together to develop and trial an evidence-based solution to a common problem, centred on improving teaching, learning and assessment.

Professional Exchanges

Locally organised groups who meet regularly to reflect, share ideas, collaborate and develop solutions to the issues they identify.

Support, Training & Resources

Resources produced by and to support the programme can be found on this Exhibition site. We also offer opportunities to hear from the participants in OTLA at Foundation and other events.

Practitioner Research Programme

This programme provides opportunities for individual practitioners to carry out detailed research into the sector with expert support.


Most of the content on this site was generated by participants in the collaborative projects strand of OTLA. You can access reports and resources from participants in the Practitioner Research Programme on the Foundation’s Research Exhibition Site.

The exhibition site is organised into six sections:

  • About: find out more about the OTLA programme and the projects that have taken place.
  • Teaching and Learning: resources that will support practitioners in any subject to develop their teaching and learning
  • Assessment and Development: materials that can be used for learner assessment and practitioner development
  • Vocational Areas: resources that support teaching and training in the 15 technical routes
  • Maths and English: resources to support maths and English teaching
  • News: Find out the latest news from OTLA, including how to join your local Professional Exchange

Featured resources

Teaching and learning:

Here we bring together some of the resources produced as part of OTLA projects which can be used to support teaching and learning.  Materials include case studies, videos and resources to use with your learners and colleagues. They will be of interest to practitioners and managers across the whole sector.

Assessment and development:

This section includes OTLA projects which explored how best to develop learners and staff in a range of contexts. Getting assessment right is critical at all stages of the learning journey as explored by these OTLA projects.

Vocational areas:

In this section you will find a selection of OTLA projects which focus on vocational and technical contexts. These projects are organised using the 15 sectors representing the technical routes to skilled employment.

Maths and English:

English and maths are central to all programmes of learning whether it is embedded or in discrete sessions