Welcome to the Excellence Gateway’s Improving Teaching exhibition site

This exhibition site brings together some examples of work produced during the Foundation-funded initiative: “Outstanding teaching, learning and assessment” (OTLA).

Through collaboration and research, providers from across the sector focused on activity that would improve teaching, learning and assessment practice with the aim of achieving outstanding results. What has emerged from these activities is strong evidence that focused collaboration with other practitioners will result in improved Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA). 

The projects generated a wealth of knowledge and resources, some of which are available here for you to explore. Some of the examples you will see have already been judged as outstanding practice, whilst others have generated new interest in practitioner CPD or impacted positively on student learning.

This collection includes a range of materials that will be of interest to practitioners, managers and leaders across the sector:

  • summaries of research into what constitutes outstanding practice
  • examples of models of effective practice
  • videos and case studies about the outputs of successful collaborative partnerships across the sector
  • resources for practitioners








Featured resources

Models of effective practice:

Effective models of practice to improve teaching, learning and assessment successfully adopted by a variety of providers, can help organisations develop models that will work for them. Those featured here include, the use of Joint Practice Development between providers and use of the Learning Framework.


This area brings together examples of action-centred research reports and joint practice development reports which emerged from the OTLA initiatives.

Case studies:

Case studies of small and large examples of effective practice can inspire strategies for improvement. Those featured here include examples of innovative use of ICT in learning and ways of improving teaching observation.


The OTLA initiatives have provided effective resources to share with others in the sector. They include guidance on coaching and mentoring as well as classroom resources for maths and English teaching.