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Learner Engagement through Social Media - OTLA Digital Case Study


Learner Engagement through Social Media was a collaborative project between Lambeth and Morley Colleges.  The participants set out to explore whether the use of social media could increase learner engagement and independence for adult Entry 2 - Level 2 Functional Skills and GCSE maths learners at Morley, and young GCSE maths and English learners at Lambeth.

Technical accessibility note: For accessibility, if you use a modern screen reader, documents need to be created in the latest version of Word; but, not everyone in the sector has access to Microsoft educational pricing and the latest version of Word. So you can choose the best one for you, the resource file below contains 2 versions of the same document:

  • .docx format for those using modern screen readers
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Resource Type: Case study
Audience: Practitioners
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