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Collaborative development of TLA practice in maths and English - Lakes College


The project was delivered in partnership with Kendal College, Furness College and Carlisle College as part of the Outstanding, Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (OTLA) programme in 2016 - 2017. It aimed to improve practice in the teaching, learning, and assessment of maths and English. The impact of the learner voice was strong and the focus was on improving the utilisation of information about learner starting points and how this is used to inform TLA practice and progress monitoring. Continuing professional development for maths, English and vocational practitioners in planning individualised learning programmes also took place which improved the integration of maths, English and vocational teams. The impact of project activity was noted positively in two of the project partners’ inspections shortly after the conclusion of the project. The Lakes College Digital Tube Map provides a novel and comprehensive guidance document. The main case study and some of the accompanying resources have been adjusted to improve accessibility for screen readers but some of the project outputs have been attached to this case study as originally provided and may be less accessible.

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