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Step change in assessment—Bury and Bolton colleges


The focus of Bury and Bolton colleges' outstanding teaching, learning, and assessment (OTLA 2) project in 2016/17 was to see if they could use their virtual learning environments (VLEs) to improve assessment outcomes. They created differentiated tasks to support students to learn at their own pace and get immediate feedback via the VLE. Pre- and post- testing found students' achievement increased by an average of 13.5%. This took course achievement to 10% above national benchmarks.

Resource links at the end of the case study describe how to differentiate and provide stretch and challenge.

The MasteryPaths function described in this case study is specific to the Canvas VLE.

Please note: The main case study has been curated and edited to improve accessibility for blind and partially sighted people who use assistive technology, but the additional outputs in the project resources folder are as provided by the project and may unfortunately be less accessible.

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