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Improving TLA practice linked to growth mindset — West Lancashire College


In this Outstanding Teaching, Learning, and Assessment project (OTLA 2) in 2016/17 West Lancashire College and Halton Borough Council (HBC) wanted to improve the quality of their teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) in response to Ofsted feedback. HBC also wanted to increase aspiration and motivation in some of their tutors. They used growth mindset techniques to create a cultural shift from which shared organisational objectives were set. The first was to stretch and challenge individual students at level 3 and the second was to compare the impact of graded and non-graded observation in terms of professional development.

Rolling out coaching skills and growth mindset training proved to be highly beneficial to both organisations and learners. Learner attendance improved by 7% (taking it up to 93%) and achievement improved by 4.7% (taking it up to  to 87.1%).

Technical accessibility note: Two presentations in the project folder (below) are potentially useful training resources which other providers could adapt for use, but please note they are highly visual PowerPoint presentations, and the West Lancashire College one includes an embedded video. The presentations are formatted as provided to the ETF. They will not be fully accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted and use assistive technology and there is no alternate audio recording. The embedded video has not been captioned or audio transcribed. The ETF hopes to resolve this in the future before adding it to our YouTube Channel. The video includes on-screen text in places but this is not subtitling. It is included as rapid visual content effect. It is not part of the audio so inaccessible to people who use screen readers. The autogenerated YouTube subtitles for the film do not make sense, rendering the video inaccessible to native BSL speakers.

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