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Empowering teaching and learning communities to promote equality and celebrate diversity


Building on existing policies and procedures they used a combination of approaches, which included opportunities for groups of staff to openly discuss the challenges and opportunities which the general subject of E and D presented. This encouraged them to develop a bank of locally tested and validated resources and reworked ideas for E and D teaching alongside attendance at relevant community events such as College Pride. Learners contributed by exploring how E and D in teaching, learning, and assessment might better reflect their concerns, experiences and gaps in knowledge. The final project report offers a real insight into practitioners' and learners' thoughts and views and the progress made by this community of learning. It includes case studies demonstrating the cycle of planning, implementation and evaluation that led to the project's approaches being adopted more widely. An article presenting findings from the project was published in the journal, Teaching in Lifelong Learning. The link to this is included in the case study.

The main case study has been edited and re-formatted to improve accessibility for peolemwho use screen readers but the final report is a PDF as originally provided to the ETF and unfortunately may not be fully accessible.

Resource Type: Case study, Report