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Collaborative approaches to support construction apprenticeship trainers to develop their teaching skills


This Outstanding Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (OTLA) project was delivered in 2017/18 by Maersk Training in partnership with Tyne Metropolitan College, East Durham College and Stockton Riverside College. It aimed to encourage new construction trainers to adopt peer-review and “lesson study” approaches to spread good practice and to develop trainers’ confidence in active learning. Through a series of development meetings, staff explored the impact of incorporating more active learning and assessment strategies that aimed to give the learners more responsibility for their progress. New assessment strategies were designed to support instructors to experiment with student-led problem-solving activities. 
Maersk Training sustained their high success rates in 2018, and trainers and learners recorded improved satisfaction. They also invested in an e-portfolio package allowing for the introduction of more in-class active learning activities.

Web link for this resource: Maersk Training OTLA3 Case