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Digital pedagogy – Hartpury, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Colleges


This Outstanding Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (OTLA) project from 2016/17 aimed to improve digital pedagogy across the three institutions by helping teachers transfer outstanding classroom practice into the digital domain. The project focused on developing understanding of digital pedagogy more than developing digital skills. Through effective team working across three colleges, they created a robust programme which provided a range of ideas and information about technology and how it can be used for those interested in developing stand-alone online activities the programme provides. They shared classroom activity ideas and technology tips for those interested in incorporating technology in the classroom, and enabled teachers to develop online courses based on the same sound teaching practices used in the classroom. The teachers who completed the short-term impact review, reported an increased understanding of digital pedagogy, with the majority saying they would recommend it to colleagues. Of the 43 teachers involved, 90% were integrating into their teaching, technology that they had not previously tried. The main case study has been adjusted to improve accessibility for screen readers but the resources are not fully accessible.