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Activities for supporting maths and English learners


This action research project, which trialled new exemplar Functional Skills maths and English activities, was part of the ETF Phase 3 Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment programme in 2017/18. The aim was to investigate the newly created activities, to evaluate their effectiveness, and to identify training other teachers might need before using them. The project found that an experienced subject specialist teacher would be able to use the activities but an inexperienced teacher would struggle without guidance. After the final report for this project was submitted to the maths and English team at the ETF, which commissioned a suite of webinars and CPD courses to introduce the materials and provide guidance on how to use them. Practitioners from 6 organisations were involved in this work, namely: North Tyneside Council, Northumberland County Council, HMP Northumberland, Darlington Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Springboard Sunderland. Resources comprise the project case study, which provides a brief overview, and a final report. The final report contains 3 detailed appendices to support replication of the method and findings.

Technical accessibility note: The ETF has edited and reformatted the case study for accessibility with screen readers, but the final report is included as supplied to the ETF by the providers involved in the project and may unfortunately not be fully accessible.

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