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Improving Lives: exploring the effects of mindfulness training — Gateshead Council Learning and Skills


Gateshead Council led this Outstanding Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (OTLA 3) project in 2016/17 which explored ways to further support learners, many of whom had complex social and emotional needs, in how to manage the additional pressures of attending a learning programme. Although slow to get going, by the end the project reported substantial positive impact on the health and well-being of practitioners, which in turn impacted positively on the well-being of learners as staff developed confidence in sharing techniques that worked for them. Learners on study programmes and traineeships appear to be among those who benefitted most. 

Technical accessibility note: The ETF has edited and reformatted the case study for accessibility with screen readers, but the final report is as supplied to the ETF by the providers involved in the project and the images and tables it contains will not be fully accessible to blind or partially sighted people who use a screen reader.

Resource Type: Case study
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