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Digital recording of English and Maths — Eastleigh College


Digital badges offer a way of accrediting skills often unrecognised by formal qualifications; skills essential to success at college and beyond. The aim of this 2017/19 digital recording of English and maths (DREAM) outstanding teaching, learning and assessment (OTLA 3) project by Eastleigh and East Sussex colleges was to see if using digital badges towards Functional Skills and GCSE qualifications in maths and English improves learner motivation, achievement and employability. By the end of the project, nearly 400 learners across the two colleges enrolled with the Open Badge Academy. Survey responses showed high levels of learner and staff satisfaction. Some curriculum areas have made digital badges compulsory. The colleges are expecting a 1 to 2 % rise overall in maths and English GCSE and Functional Skills results.


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