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Google G Suite for education — GBMET


This 2017/19 GBMET Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA 3) project used digital technology to improve teaching and learning by generating greater awareness of the use of Google tools for education and of digital technologies. Through the project, they created resources and services, including instructional videos, a study skills site and drop-in sessions for students, as well as staff templates and face-to-face training and a G+ Community. The project's Student Digital Leader Programme trained and used digitally literate students studying at level 2 and level 3 to help teachers and students with less digital confidence. Outputs from this element of the project include students creating a booking system for their support, developing a tracking system to record the jobs they have done and the feedback they received, publicity campaigns for the service. Teachers who students helped endorsed their employability skills on LinkedIn. A Google Bootcamp led to around 250 more staff being trained to use Google tools. Links in the case study to an online presentation about the project and the Student Digital Leader Programme provide more information.

Accessibility note: The ETF has edited and reformatted the case study for accessibility with screen readers. The hyperlinked online GBMET Google Collaboration Project presentation and the online Student Digital Leader Programme may not be fully accessible.

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