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Sharing effective practice — Worthing College


All further education providers agree sharing effective practice is desirable. So why don't we do it well, and when we do do it, why doesn’t it have more impact? These were the questions Worthing and Abingdon and Witney colleges wanted to answer in this 2017/19 Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA 3) project. Although the project experienced some problems, it addressed some important issues for those in further education who think you can just say effective practice will be disseminated and it will happen as if by magic, like the need for staff to be free from fear of failure in order to engage with and share effective practice, and how allowing projects to emerge organically through consultation with staff works. The project came up with a mixture of low-cost technical and non-technical solutions — like Jasper the college's black labrador's lunchtime walk and talk sessions, and the series of online training materials they developed using Nearpod, Sway, Office Mix and Edpuzzle — which you may have seen reported in the further education press and social media.  Allowing projects to emerge organically through consultation with staff empowered colleagues to contribute to and engage with the project in a spirit of enquiry.

Accessibility note: The project resource folder includes a case study and instructional ‘Quizzes’ PowerPoint presentation on how to create Kahoot, Quizizz and Quizlet. Sadly there's no alt text, but each slide includes audio so that you can listen to the presentation

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