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Advanced Practitioner Case Study - Practitioner Led CPD Stanmore College and Westminster Kingsway College


This case study is from one of 15 collaborative projects, across a range of cross-sector partnerships that were commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to support Phase 4 of the Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) programme.

This phase was delivered by touchconsulting and CETTAcademy to evaluate the role of Advanced Practitioners (APs), as defined by Tyler et al (2017)[1]. The projects were intended to explore the functions and values of the AP role within the partnership’s quality improvement priorities.

This project sought to test the effectiveness of the AP role in improving teaching, learning and assessment through an iterative programme of short CPD sessions. The aim of these sessions was to create a regular and accessible space for teachers to explore, share and reflect on different approaches to teaching, learning and assessment relevant to the strategic objectives of the two colleges. The sessions offered a degree of choice in what or when topics were addressed and facilitated an ethos of collaborative development collegiality and openness.

[1] Tyler, E., Marvell, R., Green, M., Martin, A., Williams, J. and Huxley, C. (2017) Institute for Employment Studies (2017). Understanding the role of Advanced Practitioners, (Education and Training Foundation)