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Improving Teaching: Outstanding Teaching, Learning & Assessment  - New Newsletter to help you keep in touch with the latest OTLA developments

  • Do you want a quick way to stay abreast of new exciting developments in teaching, learning and assessment across England?
  • Keen to find out what professionals like yourselves are doing to raise learner motivation and achievement?
  • Want to tap into the Education and Training Foundation's OTLA programme and collaborate with others, reflect deeply on your practice and drive your own professional development?




1. July 2017

  • Welcome
  • What is OTLA?
  • Meet ADA!
  • Courses in practitioner-led research
  • The Pedagogic Mentoring Programme: Learning to Teach on the Job

2. October 2017

  • Welcome
  • Professional Exchange reaps benefits for providers and learners
  • OTLA South West project - Final dissemination day
    • Using online learning to modify attitudes towards English GCSEs
    • Tech Talk - embedding literacy support into vocational programmes
    • Nothing is taught unless it is learnt
    • Fear destroys the capacity to learn 
  • We are all Researchers 
  • Calender 

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