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We can be overwhelmed by the digital options open to us. Here are examples of how practitioners have successfully used digital tools and approaches to improve the learner experience.

OTLA Case study of an operational project led by Barking & Dagenham College

Improving teaching, learning and assessment using technology: a video of two AoC/OTLA projects

Developing Office Skills at Derwen College

How confident am I with ICT, DACES

Choose the right timber: innovation in ILT for teaching, learning and assessment, Lincoln College

Increasing the Blend - enhancing and extending the learning experience using e-technologies, DACES

Digital Educators - OTLA Digital Case Study

Personalising maths through information and learning technology — Bolton College

Step change in assessment—Bury and Bolton colleges

Enabling distance learning through open platforms — Bristol City Council

Digital pedagogy – Hartpury, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Colleges

Online learning to modify attitudes towards GCSE English language

Implementing mobile learning to support functional reading skills - Open Doors

Feedback for Progression - OTLA Digital Case Study

Freestyle Feedback - OTLA Digital Case Study

‘Empower staff to promote and use digital technologies to meet the diverse needs of learners’ - OTLA Digital Case Study

Engaging staff with using digital technology - OTLA Digital Case Study 

Digital Feedback - OTLA Digital Case Study

Learner Engagement through Social Media - OTLA Digital Case Study

Study supporters - OTLA Digital Case Study

Digital Community of Practice - OTLA Digital case study

Google G Suite for education — GBMET